The volume of production of ready-mixed concrete depends on the demand of the construction companies. Usually, orders are placed from the construction sites. Stringent quality checks are carried out before supplying the ready-mixed concrete to the construction sites. Samples are collected and tested in the laboratory as per specifications.

Concrete Logistics

Concrete India doesn't compromise on the quality of its raw materials. It tests them before procuring, as per Is guidlines. Only the best quality cement is sourced from reputed suppliers. Manufactured sand and coarse aggregates are checked on one-to-one basis before they are accepted. The water and admixture are tested at regular intervals to confirm their suitability in making ready-mixed concrete..

Concrete Delivery

Once the ready-mixed concret is made in the plant, it is transported on transit mixer and pumped by concrete pumps at the construction site. The dimension of the pumping process is usually up to 100 meters horizontally and 50 meters vertically. The minimum permissible quantity for pumping is 30 cum/pour.

Concrete Capacity

Each plant of Concrete India is capable of producing 25,000 to 30,000 cubic meter of ready-mixed concrete every month. However, it's viable to operate at a minimum capacity of 9000 cubic meter per month, as the excess capacity can be used during slag seasons.